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LCD TV Panel Prices Falling in Q4

November 6, 2023

As we progress through the fourth quarter, LCD TV panel prices are again declining. As prices increased during Q2 and Q3, LCD fab utilization increased correspondingly to a point where […]
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Panel Maker Q3’23 Earnings Preview

October 23, 2023

LG Display will kick off earnings season for panel makers on Wednesday, October 25th, in a quarter that likely saw a big improvement as the industry recovers from its steep […]
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2023 DSCC Japan Seminar Nov 28, 2023

DSCC will hold the "DSCC FPD Industry Analysis Seminar" on November 28th (Tuesday) at the 5th floor large hall of Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa. We offer a variety of attractive programs and provide insight into the big picture of the FPD industry in 2024, which is still highly uncertain.

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Quarterly MiniLED Backlight Technologies, Cost and Shipment Report

Latest Version - October 2023

MiniLED backlights in LCDs can potentially offer numerous advantages over other flat panel display technologies, most notably in high brightness, high contrast ratio, lower power consumption than WOLED TV and higher efficiency. The superior performance makes MiniLED backlights attractive for use in a variety of applications, ranging from large TVs to IT […]
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Display Technology

Biannual Augmented and Virtual Reality Display Technologies and Market Report

Latest Version - May 2023 (Update Coming December 2023)

Displays will play a vital role in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. As big brands launch flagship AR/VR devices, the display manufacturers are pushing the technology to increase brightness, contrast and resolution. This updated report covers all the display categories, including LCD, AMOLED, LCoS, DLP, laser beam scanning, MicroLED […]
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Display Technology TV

MicroLED Display Technology and Market Outlook

Latest Version - November 2023

MicroLEDs have garnered a lot of interest because of the potential advantages over other flat-panel display technologies, most notably in high efficiency, high brightness, high color saturation, faster response rate, and longer lifetime. This unique combination of features would make MicroLED the superior display for many applications, ranging from super large TVs […]
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Display Trends OLEDs

The Future of OLED Manufacturing

Updated Edition Coming Soon

Although OLEDs have grown rapidly recently, they are far from a mature technology which still has significant potential for more growth. OLEDs are still evolving and growing from several different perspectives including features, performance, architecture, end markets and manufacturing technologies. OLED revenues are expected to grow nearly 50% from 2020 to 202 […]
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Weekly Review Headlines

November 27th, 2023

The Lead

  • 2023 Black Friday Deals Set New All-Time Lows for TVs
  • DSCC Reports Panel Shipments for the iPhone 15 Series Were 16% Higher than the iPhone 14 Series through October
  • Flat Panel Display Oversupply Will Continue Into 2024

Earnings and Brands

  • Apple Remains the World’s Top Brand, Samsung #5
  • HP Personal Systems Segment Drops 19% Y/Y in FY’23 – AI PCs Expected to Drive Growth in 2024.
  • Xiaomi Revenues Increased 1% Y/Y in Q3’23 - Smartphone Revenue Increased 14% Q/Q and Dropped 2% Y/Y

Display Equipment

  • K&S Targets $50M in Revenue for MicroLED Projects in 2024
  • Kateeva/HB Solution Lose SDC QD-OLED IJP Opportunity
  • Latest POs and Awards


  • Vuzix to Present Ultralite S AR Glasses at CES
  • RayNeo Air 2 Glasses Now Available in US

IT Markets

  • BOE and Lenovo Launch Two ThinkVision 4K AM COG MiniLED Monitors


  • KDIA Holds First Meeting of Its 'Future Car Display Strategic Advisory Organization’


  • LG Display Collaborates with Starbucks on Transparent OLED Store

Display Stocks and the Economy

  • Stocks Continue to Rise on Optimism for Inflation, Rates

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